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4 Steps to Finally Find Your Perfect Partner

Course from Dom Sub Living

Do you ever feel like connecting with the Kink Community or finding a BDSM partner is nearly impossible? Discover our insider strategies to find real Doms and subs, fast! Bonus: Get an exclusive rundown on what kink dating apps are really legit.

Regular price: $149

Non-Monogamy 101 Parts 1 & 2 & Navigating Jealousy

3 Workshops from Rachel Wright


3 workshops that cover the fundamentals and beyond of non-monogamy and navigating through jealousy from sex therapist Rachel Wright, MA, LMFT.

Regular price: $99

Intro to Kink

Workshop from Cory Bush

This hour long workshop designed to introduce you to basic concepts of BDSM and give you the tools to build your own relationship with kink. You'll learn about the basics of BDSM, communication & consent, and how to find community within kink.

Regular price: $25

A Guide on Caregiver/Little Dynamics

Guide from Baby Linh

In this guide, you will learn about the Caregiver/Little dynamic (CGL) and answer these questions: What is a Caregiver? What is a Little or Middle? And what may a CGL dynamic look like in practice?

*Includes printable (A4 and A5) and digital self-care journals for Littles and submissives.

Regular price: $60

Kink Beginnings Bundle

Course from Unearthed Pleasures

Learn the strategies to begin your kink journey with confidence, knowledge, and excitement! Get the tools to unearth your pleasures, the resources to dive further, and the encouragement to grow through the challenges!

Regular price: $47

Submissive Reflection: A Journey of Rediscovery and Affirmation

Workbook from Submissive Guide

A workbook designed to build a clear picture of how to be the best submissive you can possibly be.

* Dozens of articles to keep you moving into deeper thought processes.
* 30 activities and worksheets to help you learn and grow in submission.

Come away knowing more about who you are!

Regular price: $16.95

30 Days of D/s Workbook Vol. 2

Workbook from Loving BDSM

A workbook of 30 prompts that help you dive deeper into the realities of living in a D/s relationship, including the topics that don't get talked about in BDSM 101 classes like: dealing with stress, being wrong, experiencing low libido, mental and physical health issues, and more.

Regular price: $9.99

Femme Domme Masterclass

Masterclass from The BDSM Coaches

A masterclass for women/femmes/non-binary to learn how to step into their femme dominance.

Learn all about femme domination in this fun, informative, and empowering class taught by BDSM coach, educator and bestselling author Emily Anne.

Regular price: $97


Workshop by Owning Your O

BDSM can be an incredibly powerful tool for people with ADHD (or problems with focus and motivation). Besides getting the surge of dopamine that helps with focus and motivation in a BDSM scene, there are ways that you can begin to rewire the brain away from anxiety and towards pleasure.

Regular price: $35

Discipline & Punishment

Workshop by Sub in the City

In this Discipline & Punishment Workshop by Sarah from Sub in the City, you’ll learn about power play dynamics and how you can start to incorporate rules, rituals, and consequences into your D/s dynamic. This class will leave you feeling confident and inspired in training, disciplining, and punishing your sub.

Regular price: $137

Sensual Self-Tying Bondage

Training from Isabella Frappier

Experience tying yourself up, explore your sexual edges, learn more about yourself as an erotic creature, and add a tool to your sexual tool-belt.
Learn online: how to do a hip harness (with my unique method), a very adaptable wrist/ankle tie, and another bonus tie, in two video classes!

Regular price: $80

BDSM Bundle For Beginners

Workbook from Your Relationship Shop

Explore, communicate and act upon your BDSM desires with this bundle for beginners! Includes: A 28-page workbook guiding you through everything you need to know to begin your BDSM journey, a 12-page template for a BDSM contract with supportive guidance notes AND a BDSM scene-preparation worksheet essential for all relationships!

Regular price: $18

Bondage Tape Guide

Guide from Spices of Lust

Bondage Tape Guide is a practical guide for anyone interested in tying up their partner. It features all the bondage tape basics + more than 60 positions: basic ones, elaborate ones, positions with toys, and decorative positions. There is also an extensive chapter on what to do with your tied-up partner.

Regular price: $25

Erotic Spanking Mastery

Course from Pleasure Mechanics

Discover the Joys and Thrills of Erotic Spanking through this Comprehensive Online Course.

Gain Confidence and Skill as You are Guided through the Effective Strategies of Giving and Receiving an Arousing, Pleasurable Erotic Spanking, from Warm-Up to Climax.

From the hosts of Speaking of Sex with the Pleasure Mechanics Podcast.

Regular price: $197

Switching 101: A Beginner's Guide to Switching

Guide from Ms Nighteyes

This beginners guide to Switching includes Switching basics, a look into common issues that Switches might face, how to approach vetting and negotiating as a Switch (including questions you can use in the process), frequently asked questions, tips and a bonus resource on service Topping!

Regular price: $19

Anal Sex and Anal Training

Workshop by Evie Lupine

In this hour-long workshop, folks of all genders and experience levels will learn more about the world of anal play. From how to design your own anal training regimen, demystifying enemas, numbing creams, lubes, toys and more, and of course what to expect during anal sex. Kinky or vanilla, there’s something in this class for everyone!

Regular price: $60


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Once you buy the bundle, you have a full 3 months to enroll into the different offers and create a login. However, once this step is completed, you will be able to access them indefinitely!

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Our bundle is quite simple. It is a well curated pack of digital products that we are able to sell for the duration of a week at a 91% discount off the original price, thanks to a deal we’ve closed with each of the creators.

After the purchase, you will receive an email with a link to your unique landing page explaining how to access each of the products for free. It’s really easy and you’ll be able to do this straight away!

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